Workshop that can guide you through the your plan and choices without a sales process.


Presenter:  Amy Cearley, Tri County Caregiver Resource Center, Owner

If you are concerned about planning for the costs of unexpected care and worry about running out of money, then you are not alone. Most caregivers lose sleep over this concern. Having a plan, doing research, and starting a few difficult conversations can alleviate this stress. Here are a few questions caregivers should ask themselves; Do I have a plan for what happens next? In relation to how much money we have, what type of care can we afford? Do we have a support system in place? How well will our support system work together to support our wishes? In case of crisis or unexpected diagnosis, do we have an emergency action plan?

Sometimes the advice of what others would do, or suggestions that they make mare are irrelevant to your family’s needs. It is way too difficult to think through these important decisions while in crisis. So we invite you to sign up for a workshop so that we can assist in guiding you through the development of your plan and choices through in-depth education without a sales process involved.


December 14th, 2018 11:00 AM   through   1:00 PM
1542 SW 1ST AVE
OCALA, FL 34471