February is here!

While February is not the beginning of the year, it is the beginning of our Words to the Wise Newsletter for the 2018 year!

The Words to the Wise Newsletter has been posted online and sent to the electronic newsletter subscribers today and soon will arrive to the mailboxes of those who elected to receive a hard copy.

While we are on the topic of February – I would like to note that February is also Heart Month! You will notice that the latest newsletter offers an ample amount of information and classes on heart disease prevention, treatment, and education. At your leisure, take the time to note the infographic attached to the end of this blog – I found it to be very enlightening regarding statistics on heart disease in America.

Last but not least - On Wednesday, February 21st, Prestige 55 will be hosting a heart luncheon. Please join the Prestige 55 event team and speaker Kathy Chrystie for a wonderful time filled with friends, education and entertainment.

This is going to be a great quarter and a great year!


Please note that following event will go on as regularly scheduled despite the delay in the Newsletter:

Water Aerobics

Line Dancing

Prestige 55 Bowling

Men & Women's Golf at Ocala Palms 

IF you have any questions call 352-671-2153 and ask for Sara Stoel 


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